Carving Scraps Biochar

This is a project I’ve been planning to execute since last autumn. As my carving activities moved indoors as the weather chilled down, I started thinking of how many yields I could get from all of the waste shavings and chunks of wood I was accumulating. I’ve already messed around with various ways of handling … Read more

Last Few Spoons of March

Spring is finally rolling in. Sap is dripping profusely from the maples, lots to boil yet. Finishing up a load of pruning & cutting, which has yielded an incredible amount of spoon wood. Here’s a short update of some spoons carved at the tail end of last month… I also carved a fair few spreaders, … Read more

Before Spring

I’ve been steady carving the past month, anticipating spring. More spoons. Moving closer to production. I’m Getting materials together to build a spoon mule to maximize my spoon production ergonomics. Planning out a pole lathe to start learning how to turn bowls and other turned pieces. A micro forge for making small turning and carving … Read more